Goals & Objectives

BCP puts God in the center of all its efforts to realize and operationalize its vision and missions through the following goals:

Utilize upgraded curriculum of the different programs, to facilitate complementary knowledge demanded by the global community.
Use the expertise of qualified faculty within the different fields of specialization relevant with the different program offerings of BCP.
Provide the use of sufficient and modern instructional materials, updated and safe facilities equipped with technologically advanced equipment, gadgets tools and others.
Facilitate the needed exposures of learners related to their course requirements, through significant linkages and networks.
Incorporate values-laden topics and lessons in all learning opportunities necessary to produce humane learned graduates.

Facilitate research opportunities and challenges to the faculty, students, and personnel through the design, improvement, development, and others, pertinent to both instructional and non-instructional concerns of BCP and its academic community.
Make use of research as a BCP mode of promoting network and linkages with other entities for scholarly pursuits and twinning efforts towards problem solutions, technology advancement, crises management, productivity endeavors, and others.

Mobilize entire BCP community in an extension service partnership with an identified deprived, depressed, and underserved (DDU) community.
Actively participate in the fulfilment of the academe’s social involvement to facilitate a chance to DDU community partner for an opportunity towards sustainable development.
Facilitate empowering skills and competencies from BCP to the identified community partner/s.

Facilitate productivity schemes incorporated within the program’s curriculum offerings.
Create networks and linkages between the school and entities that may provide employment opportunities, entrepreneurial chance,and business capacities, for guidance, and information dissemination to its learners, graduates, faculty, and staff.
Oversee and monitor all IGP efforts.
Maintain active teamwork with R & D unit of BCP to search, work on, and others, on possible productivity ventures of the School.


In adherence with the Constitution and imploring the aid of the Divine Providence, Bestlink College of the Philippines aims to:

Provide needed and excellent instruction within reach of learners, and which is sustained to answer the demands of both domestic and global market.
Produce Graduates who are skilled, competent, self-motivated and directed, ready to face the challenges of a fast-paced life.
Supply the world with humane, God-fearing, values-laden and progressive Graduates, to be ideal citizens of the Community of Men.
Continue its endeavors in research for furtherance of the quality education BCP delivers through the academe.
Facilitate extension services to less fortunate community partner/s, for sustainable return to the enjoyment of a better life.
Maintain manpower of experts dedicated to operationalize the VMG of BCP.

John Carlo F. Fetalvero, Top 3 @ Criminologist Licensure Examination June 2017


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