Admission Requirements

Entering Freshmen

A. HS Card (Form 138) Original Copy B. Results of the Entrance Exam C. 2 pcs. of 2x2 Id Pictures and 2pcs. of 1x1 ID Pictures D. NSO birth certificate (Xerox Copy)

Transfer Students

A. Transer credential (Honorable dismissal) B. Certification of grades duly signed by the Registrar (TOR) C. 2 copies of 2 x 2 and 1 x 1 ID pictures D. NSO birth certificate (Xerox Copy)

Degree Holders

A. original Copy of TOR B. 2 x 2 ID pictures and 1 x 1

John Carlo F. Fetalvero, Top 3 @ Criminologist Licensure Examination June 2017


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