College of law

The primary purpose of the Law School is to prepare men and women to meet the needs of progressive and modern technology in the various aspects in the practice of law. These needs call not only for technical skills but also for responsible leadership in the development of law and the administration of justice. The general law program of the BESTLINK College of the Philippines SCHOOL OF LAW hopes provide men and women with a profound legal education at a very reasonable cost which is geared towards public service and social justice.


BCP School of Law aspires to be a synergy of diverse and highly qualified students interacting with dedicated scholars, teachers and practitioners in a dynamic and student-centered environment, though specialized institutes and innovative teaching methods that connect theory, doctrine and practical skills. BCP School of Law strives to produce outstanding and reflective lawyers, in the practice, scholarship, and civic engagement. The BCP School of Law community will advance the state of art in law, justice, and ethical professionalism


BCP School of Law offers students a vibrant and dynamic environment from which to enter the legal professional. We encourage students to be lifelong professionals who are actively engaged in the development of law. BCP School of Law provides students a strong foundation in the fundamental theories and principles of law, and then directs opportunities for students to concentrate on specialty areas in order to hone their legal and writing legal and writing skills through individualized, hands-on experienced in the classroom, in externships, and through public service.



  • Train the students to have a very wide and clear grasp of the law;
  • Develop the student’s ability to think logically, methodically, analytically and to express clearly and forcefully;
  • Nurture the students for leadership in various spheres in public service
  • Contribute to the development of Philippines Jurisprudence and legal literature