Bestlink College of the Philippines Gender and Development Unit established last November 2017. This is pursuant to the implementation of CMO No.1 s. 2015 entitled: “Establishing the Policies and Guidelines on Gender and Development (GAD) in the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and Higher Education Institutions (HEI’s).

 This unit aims to empower individual rights and responsibilities as a person in the society. It focuses on different activities that will advocate students, teachers and staffs in Bestlink College of the Philippines to promote gender equality and sensitivity.

This unit affirms everyone’s right as a human rights and shall intensify its efforts to fulfill its duties under international and domestic law to recognize, respect, fulfill and promote all human rights fundamental freedoms of every individual in terms of economic, social, political, cultural, and other fields without discrimination on account of class, age, sex, gender, language, ethnicity, religion, ideology, disability, education, and status.                         

Furthermore, it is well- funded by the institutions for its desires in conducting various activities.


Bestlink College of the Philippines Gender and Development ensures the sensitivity and equality of every individual in practicing the equal rights of the school personnel, faculty and students.


To adhere and promote the importance of gender sensitivity and equality among individual; to ensure gender justice and works toward realization of school free gender bias, oppression and discrimination.

General Objective

To help students attain holistic development that involves leadership, discipline, sports and community development and other aspects that are necessary to serve their well-being.


  1. Capability Building


    1. Gender and Development Planning and Monitoring
    2. Mainstreaming GAD in Development
    3. Gender Sensitivity, Awareness and Advocacy
    4. Partnership with LGU’s and NGO’s
    5. Prevention VAWC
    6. Anti- Sexual Harassment Seminar
    7. National Women’s Month Celebration
    8. HIV/ STD and AIDS Awareness Seminar
    9. Parenting Seminar to the Partner Community


  1. Information Dissemination and Date Generation


    1. Publication and Documentation
    2. Creation of Web / Facebook Page for GAD programs and activities
    3. Integration of Gender and Development Concept in NSTP Curriculum, Humanities, Social through seminars


  1. Research and Development


    1. Proposals on GAD Researches
    2. Participatory research on Gender in the Selected Students of BCP
    3.  Attendance on international , national and local meetings and conferences



Bestlink College of the Philippines-Gender and Development

Millionnaires Village Campus, 3rd floor

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