In relation with the Mission and Vision of Bestlink College of the Philippines, the Guidance services aim to serve mainly the Students. The College Guidance Office has the capacity and resources to render its services effectively

            In view of the educational objectives of the school, maximum students services as well, the effectiveness of the guidance program can be attained with recognition of the following set of beliefs or principles:

1.         That the effectiveness of guidance operation is a function of effective communications.

2.         That the guidance program decision makers must stand the test of accountability

3.         That the guidance services are provided most effectively through a team approach involving the administration, parents, teachers and significant others in the community.

4.         That the guidance services should serve all youth, not just the maladjusted ones.

5.         That the guidance services are organized to deal not only with the serious problems but also the causes of such problems, in order to prevent them from arising or to prepare better for their solution.

6.         That all guidance activities are directed toward improved individual’s self- knowledge and self- direction.

7.         That it is an integral part of the total school program and is vitally related to home, community and other out-of- school experiences of the students, it permeates the entire school.



             Guidance and Counseling Department of Bestlink College of the Philippines is committed to direct students in making intelligent plans and decisions towards maximum development.


             To go nearer our vision, the Guidance Center shall assist students in coming up with the idea of what constitutes effective and intelligent decision in any given environment or situation by providing them with quality and efficient programs, leading to further their potentials as social needs.


General Objective

To help students attain holistic development that involves leadership, discipline, sports and community development and other aspects that are necessary to serve their well-being.



This is the heart of the Guidance Office. Counseling sessions are given either individually or in small groups. Its major goal is to help each individual become the person he is capable of becoming. It helps the students gain the ability to resolve his difficulties, formulated wise choices and decisions and makes the necessary and appropriate adjustments in life. Test results and interviews are additional aids in devising the counseling intervention program for each student.


Students referred to the Counselor are given this service. This is one way of helping the counselor finds out the causes of the students under- achieving or probably the reason for not attending his classes and other problems. This will also help the Counselor in maintaining contact with the students.


These Guidance services center is the appropriate place to ask for important information. These are classified into:

  1. Educational Information
  1. Requirements for Entrance Examination
  2. Shifting to other course
  3. Scholarship
  4. Transferring to other school
  5. Dropping of subjects
  6. Withdrawal of enrollment
  7. Course offering
  1. Personal- Social Information
  1. Dating
  2. Personal hygiene
  3. Personal-social development
  4. Personal development relationship
  1. Occupational Information
  1. Job opportunities
  2. Work values through a seminar
  3. Job application guidelines

In order to perform their functions guidance personnel do not only need skills, a student-oriented philosophy, and human concern but also the best information about students it is possible to obtain. Much of this information will come from counseling. Some of it will result from observation. Much of this information will come from the professional use of guidance tools and equipment. Full service guidance programs require objective student data from tests, inventories, and career information. This program consists of the administration and interpretation of intelligence tests, personality tests and other related tests.


Research or survey, of many types, is a process that is fundamental to the continuing vigor of the counseling profession. It can be a key factor in continuous self- renewal. Counselors undertake leadership in research activities. Problems are identified, data gathered and finding discussed. It aims to provide a systematic assessment of the students’ needs and other concerns. It also aims to provide a systematic evaluation of the level of students’ satisfaction in terms of school facilities, instructions, personnel services, faculty performance etc.



The Guidance Office deals with two kinds of referrals:

    1. Referrals from teachers or parents

A teacher or parent may assume responsibility of making referrals to the Guidance Counselor regarding a student:

    1. Delinquency in attendance
    2. Minor misbehavior in class
    3. Academic failures
    4. Other matters pertaining to the student concerned


    1. Referrals of the Guidance Counselor to another person or agency for specialized assistance



Adjustments have to be made by a student who comes to a new, strange place- the school. He will meet new faces, teachers and classmates. If the student is shy or over protected, he will lost; if spoiled or aggressive, he is likely to become hostile or resentful. Counselors help them adjust to these new experiences as well as provide information regarding:


    1. Orientation on the school’s philosophy, mission, vision and objectives
    2. Orientation on the physical facilities and tour to the different department and office such as the following: gymnasium, audiovisual room, canteen, library, science laboratories, computer laboratories, speech laboratory, medical- dental clinic and other offices and academic departments
    3. Orientation on general school activities like clubs an d organizations likely to be entered by new students
    4. Orientation on school rules and regulations
    5. Orientation of member of the school staff
    6. Orientation on the use of the library and other school facilities.



When emphasis is on individual student growth a system for recording status and change is essential. A serious problem for counselors is to record enough materials without becoming over whelming. In order to achieve balance between too much and too little, cumulative folders have been devised. Typically, these contain space for recording the data needed for what is called “inventory service guidance”.