Bestlink College of the Philippines commemorated the success of newly licensed teachers, criminologists, psychometricians, and librarians during the Testimonial Ceremony on October 08, 2023 at BCP MV - Gymnasium.

The ceremony started with a prayer led by Dr. Myrna Cuntapay, Program Head of BSCrim followed by the singing of National Anthem and BCP Hymn. Afterwards, Dr. Mary M. Vicente, School President of BCP delivered an inspirational message. Then, the passers delivered their inspiring stories of being successful in the examinations and now pursuing their career in different fields. From Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED), Ms. Annabel Irinco, LPT. She was followed by Mr. Jayvee Franco, LPT, from Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSED). Afterwards, Ms. Carmela Millete, LPT, from Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED) delivered her testimony followed by Mr. Joshua Abaya, RL from the Bachelor of Library Information Science (BLIS) who passed the board as ranked 6 nationwide.

After having dinner, a fireworks display and presentation of the BCP Drum and Lyre Corps. were witnessed on the amphitheater. This was continued with the testimonies given by Ms. Daisyree Betalas, RPm from Bachelor Science in Psychology (BSP) and Ms. France Hannah Saavedra, RCrim from Bachelor of Science in Criminology (BSCrim).

Lastly, Ms. Marjorie Aquanta, RCrim from the Bachelor of Science in Criminology who ranked 5th during the August 2023 Criminologists Licensure Examination becomes a beacon of light and inspiration as she delivered her testimony. Before the ceremony ended, the passers were given a certificate of recognition for their efforts which led to their success.